COMPETE Nation The Need To Compete

I have the need to COMPETE. It is my healthy addiction. It affects my mood, successes and happiness. I need to COMPETE at work, at home and at play to feel good and be successful. It motivates me to do more, be more and I am not alone.

“I think that’s what competitors do: they COMPETE, regardless of the score or situation.” - Bill Belichick

Our country was built by and is made up of those with a need to COMPETE, not just participate. Company founders needing to develop a better product, football coaches needing to outthink their opponent, athletes needing to strengthen their bodies and students needing to learn more for a brighter future all COMPETE with others, an issue or themselves to be successful. Competing is needed to fuel success. It creates strength, work ethic, happiness, knowledge, love, wealth and healthy living.

"Champion' is a state of mind. They are devoted. They COMPETE to best themselves as much, if not more, than they COMPETE to best others." - Simon Sinek

The need to COMPETE is something we should all embrace to do more and be more. It should be instilled in our youth and celebrated with each earned success. We are not a nation of participants or entitlement. We are a nation of competitors, a COMPETE Nation. Get out there and earn it. Go COMPETE!

One Nation. Your Lifestyle. Go COMPETE.

Kyle, Founder, COMPETE Nation

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