Thanks Dad For Teaching Me To Earn Everything

COMPETE Nation Founder Kyle and Dad

As another Father's Day passes, I am reminded how fortunate it is to have a father who taught me to earn everything. With the negative effects of entitlement and participation trophies rising, I am lucky to have someone who made sure I worked hard, competed, followed through and never quit. My successes are a direct result of these principles. 

Growing up in a small town in Indiana, my dad came from a low income household. He was the oldest child, the first family member to earn a college degree and the first to move out of state. He knew early on he wanted to provide a better life for his own family, so he worked hard, educated himself, competed and earned his success as an entrepreneur and business owner.

As a Hoosier, he respected and utilized the 'tough love' principles of Coach Bobby Knight. Work ethic, commitment, respect, no quit, follow through and discipline were instilled in me at a young age. Weekly chores were given and done on time or discipline was 'awarded'. If I was playing soccer, football or basketball, I respected my coaches, showed up on time (always early) and finished the practice or season no matter how bad I was frustrated with the other players, the situation or how sore I was. My first 'real' job was as a freshmen in high school and it allowed me to earn my first car with my own money (not given)

Though not always fun for me, or my father, I learned to realize and respect the satisfaction, successes and fulfillment that comes from working hard, following through, competing and earning everything. As a result, I have started coaching my 3-year-old daughter on these same principles. Against her entitled, participation trophy peers, looking forward to seeing how she competes (dominates). 

Thanks Dad. Love you.

One Nation. Your Lifestyle. Go COMPETE. Earn Everything.

Kyle, Founder, CompeteNation, GiveBackNation & MyGoldBenefits



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