Little Successes Lead To Big Ones

Ava's little successes lead to big ones

Watching my daughter learn to swim reminds me how little successes lead to big ones. Success is earned. Hard work and failure are part of the journey for those who really want it.

When my wife and I decided to enroll our daughter in swim lessons last summer, we figured it would be tough for her, but also tough for us to watch. Training your body to subliminally turn off its function to breathe is a big deal and takes time. She was used to playing in shallow water and having us hold her, but riding solo to fend for herself was new territory. After several weeks of crying and coaching (and Daddy trying not to jump in the pool to 'rescue her'), she had mastered 'The Bubble' for her first little success, and moved on to perfecting her kicks and learning to float. 

Ava's little successes lead bigger ones

Currently, Ava can swim several yards away and back unassisted with great confidence. She may not easily remember the stress and pain she (and her parents) went through to master each skill needed to do so, but she worked hard, earned it and grew stronger. 

This summer, Ava is back in swim lessons to learn and master how to swim-float-swim, dive to the bottom and kick with straight legs. My wife and I have prepared ourselves for more crying and push back, but we know her hard work, failures and little successes will help her grow, make her even stronger and lead her to bigger, future successes in life (and the pool). 

Ava's little successes fuel bigger onesLittle successes lead to bigger ones

Ava's little successes are similar to our own. We learn, fail and grow stronger everyday to ultimately have bigger successes. Watching my daughter is a great reminder of how little successes lead to big ones. 

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