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Super Bowl 52 is over. The underdogs did it. The Philadelphia Eagles, with a back-up quarterback almost out of the league a couple years ago and facing the greatest quarterback of all time, won it all. They competed against the best and beat the best. Not bad for underdogs. 

Tom Brady, Coach Bill Belicheck and the rest of the Patriots are daunting opponents with an ability to finish and win like no other team in the NFL the past two decades.

The Eagles were the underdogs. Their potential MVP starting quarterback Carson Wentz goes down to injury with weeks left in the regular season, yet they never gave up. They persevered. They embraced being the underdog. They relished it, even wearing dog masks after beating the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game.

We have all been underdogs at some point. Whether in sports, business or life, we should embrace it. Let it make us hungrier. Let it make us stronger. Let it gives us that fighting spirit. Let it motivate and inspire us for greatness. 

The Philadelphia Eagles embraced being an underdog to COMPETE and beat the best. Harness challenges, always COMPETE and soar like an Eagle. 

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Kyle, Founder, COMPETE Nation

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