COMPETE Nation: How It Started

COMPETE Nation How It Started

If you are reading this, competing, not just participating, is probably a passion. Whether in life, sports or business, the thrill to better yourself or do better than someone else drives you. When I founded COMPETE, I wasn't initially focused on building a lifestyle brand or another company. The original intent was to simply create an entity that would oversee a new sports league I had just co-developed. While brainstorming a company name, I asked myself why I had played sports the last 30 years. Almost immediately, I thought of my need for competition; the passion, drive and enjoyment to do better than my peers and succeed.

COMPETE LLC was formed, but I couldn't stop thinking about it. The word, compete, kept resonating. I began noticing it more and more on TV, in interviews with pro athletes and successful business owners, on social media and in the news. Realizing there was a nation of people passionate about living the COMPETE Lifestyle, I asked myself how I could help showcase and fulfill their passion.

COMPETE Nation premium Gear and the COMPETE2Giv give back initiative, in partnership with the national Giving and Fundraising Hub Give Back Nation, is just the beginning. Ways to easily search sports leagues, fitness training and endurance events are coming soon. Our goal is to serve and support those who share our passion while impacting communities across the nation.

One Nation. Your Lifestyle. Go COMPETE.

Kyle, Founder

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